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Miami Beach AC Repair Miami Beach, FL 786-588-5608While you complain about the rising levels of pollution outside, have you ever stopped to consider the same being a possibility inside your house? Indoor air is sometimes laced with pollutants, toxic chemical vapors, bacteria, dust, allergens and more. These elements have the ability to make you seriously sick, especially if you are suffering from respiratory conditions. You may think that spending money on indoor air quality resources is a waste money, but Miami Beach AC Repair urges you to think otherwise.

We are a leading AC repair and installation company in Miami Beach, FL for over 20 years and have the ability to fix your air quality in affordable prices. Be it residential properties or commercial complexes, if you think your premises can use a quality check, then call us now on 786-588-5608.

The misconceptions and truth about indoor air quality:

If you think indoors is safer than being outdoors, in terms of air quality, then it might not always be the case. Did you know that the air you breathe inside your homes can be 5x to 100x times more polluted than what you breathe outside? We are giving you the statistics because we don't want you to take indoor air quality for granted any longer than you already have. We want to help you take corrective measures while you still can!

But the question is, where to start? The first step in improving air quality is to find the right professional. If you are in Miami Beach, FL area, then that worry is clearly off your hands because our team is there to help you. Simply call us and let us take it from there!

Eliminating indoor air pollution

There are many ways to fight the pollutants, dust and debris that calls your house home sweet home. Give our experts a call and we will be happy to offer free assessment of your property to determine the air quality and recommend pertinent actions.

Here are some of the ways we can improve air quality:

  • Installing and maintaining clean air conditioning:

An AC unit that can make the indoor air fresh and breathable is one of the many ways to enhance the indoor air quality. While we can help setup an air conditioner for you, our work doesn’t exactly end there. To maintain the quality of air inside, you need to clean the ducts regularly. Failing to do that will only make your AC recirculate polluted air inside your home. It is important to change the air filter and perform duct cleaning to ensure safe breathable air. Needless to say, only an expert can do that for you and that expert is us.

  • Specialized air purifiers

Most AC systems have the air filters that are equipped with special contraptions that can trap the particulate matter. However, sometimes the tiny particles may still escape its clutches and pollute the indoor air. If you want to ensure clean and pure air, consider installing an air purifier that can remove all contaminants from your indoor air.

  • Germicidal UV lights:

You may be able to eradicate pollutants from the indoor air, but what about viruses and other biohazards that continue to threaten you? For these unknown threats, we recommend using UV lights that kill microorganisms with the help of ultraviolet wavelengths.

If you are looking for a trusted vendor that reinvigorates your indoor air quality, then call us today. We are at your service, anywhere in Miami Beach, FL, 24/7 on 786-588-5608.