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Miami Beach AC Repair Miami Beach, FL 786-588-5608How many years has it been since you gave your AC the much needed upkeep check? Did you even consider the maintenance requirement when you first installed the AC? Perhaps not, and you are not the first one to think that way. Let this be a moment to educate yourself about the way an air conditioner works and the role maintenance plays in its lifecycle.

Installing an AC is not a one-time-investment. You need to give it a regular tune-up to ensure that it performs optimally throughout its lifespan. Over the years of use, components wear off, ducts get clogged, the quality of air isn’t the best and your AC doesn’t cool as much you would want it to. Would you believe if we told that all of this because of poor maintenance of your units?

This is the reasonMiami Beach AC Repair cannot stress enough how important it is to have your air conditioner tuned up regularly. Apart from routine maintenance checks, it must also be cleaned up and inspected from time to time. All our clients in Miami Beach, FL, be it residential or commercial, call us on 786-588-5608 to help them keep their ACs running through the hot and clammy weather. We can fix and maintain all kinds of ACs, from centralized units to heavy duty HVACs. Just give us a call and let us have a look!

Why preventive maintenance pays for itself?

If you have been putting off AC maintenance because of the expensive service price tag, then we can only make one suggestion, call us. Our services may not be free, but they do protect you against expensive repairs and malfunctioning AC trouble down the road.

We offer preventive maintenance service that improves your AC’s durability, increases its efficiency, prevents unexpected breakdowns and minimize energy consumption by working in top condition. Routine tune-ups are necessary to enhance your AC’s longevity. So if you think you are saving a lot of money by not choosing maintenance contracts, then you are setting yourself for expensive repairs and replacements later.

Our Multi-Point Maintenance Checklist:

When you call Miami Beach AC Repair for maintenance job, you get the following:

  1. We not only tune-up, but also look for signs of wear and tear
  2. We check for refrigerant leaks and identify the problem areas
  3. We inspect the ductwork for leaks and other issues
  4. Our experts run a check on your thermostat sensor
  5. All the components, such as motor bearing, will be oiled as needed
  6. Compressor’s health and that of fan and condenser is also checked
  7. Air filters are repaired, cleaned, and unblocked
  8. Thorough inspection of electrical connections
  9. Checking the condensate pans and drain lines
  10. We will add the algaecide tablets, wherever necessary
  11. All systems, including controls, will be examined
  12. Systematic equipment cleaning
  13. We identify any potential issues that may become huge repairs in the future
  14. One last check to ensure everything is performing optimally

Maintenance plans to fit your budget:

It saddens us to know that most players in air conditioner repair and maintenance services will often dupe you of your hard-earned money in giving you services that cost you way more than they should. In the end, you will realize that you paid almost as much as you paid for your AC! We don't want that to happen to you. This is why Miami Beach AC Repair offers a well-rounded maintenance plan that fits your needs and budget. We tell you upfront what you are paying for and everything our package will include. All our residential and commercial HVAC system maintenance plans have been designed to deliver best services to you at affordable prices!

If you are looking for AC maintenance professional in Miami Beach, FL area, then your search ends here. Call us on 786-588-5608 to discuss your options.